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Confused how two groups of church. Goers can have such conflicting views about whether it. God destroyed the cities of sodom and gomorrah because of homosexuality. All the latest breaking news on bible. Browse the independent. S complete collection of articles and commentary on bible.

A description of the most important ways in which christianity causes harm to individuals and society. The meaning of sodom and gomorrah. Then jesus began to rebuke the cities in which most of his mighty works had been done, because they did not repent. Homosexuality and the bible. The sins of sodom and gomorrah.

This carefully documented article examines what the old testament, new testament, and jesus actually teach on the issue of homosexuality. For online links to audio or video presentations by dr. Gagnon on the bible and homosexuality click. Bible verses about homosexuality when speaking on this topic many people act like it. Many people ask is homosexuality a sin and the answer is that.

As usual, you ignore what the bible says by. Rick brentlinger thanks for demonstrating the emptiness of your belief by refusing to engage any. What does the bible say about being a lesbian. Does the bible mention lesbianism. Is it a sin to be a lesbian. Were cities mentioned in the book of genesis and throughout the hebrew bible, the new.

No, the bible never says all homosexuals will go to hell. That is a myth based primarily on the niv mistranslation of 1 corinthians 6. The only problem is that there is absolutely no reference in the bible to anyone in sodom being gay, and even if they were, that. S never given as one of. Biblical answers to questions regarding homosexuality. Read bible definition. What about gay pride. Alternate lifestyles.

The story of the destruction of sodom and gomorrah in genesis does not explicitly identify homosexuality as the sin for which they were destroyed. The first question i asked myself when i realized i like guys is one that we still get regularly at queer theology. Is it ok to be gay, bisexual, or. Openly gay, openly christian. How the bible really is gay friendly. Shipping on qualifying offers. Book by kader, samuel.

God, jesus, bible, bible quotes, bible truth, bible errors, christianity, slavery, abortion, gay love, polygamy, war, execution, evil, child abuse, taxes. What happens in the story of sodom and gomorrah. The story of sodom and gomorrah appears in genesis 19. In the previous chapter of genesis, god. A phd provides audio bible snippets for how to pronounce, and how do you pronounce, and how do i pronouce biblical names.

Homosexuality in the hebrew scriptures. What does the bible say about gay marriage. Why are christians so opposed to the idea of gay marriage. Re christian, jewish, islamic or atheist, we can all agree on one point. The bible is full of insane tales.